• How to fold a hemp flat origami style and some night folding tips.
  • How to put on and achieve a snug and trim fit with a hemp flat
  • How to padfold a hemp flat.
  • How to diaper bag a hemp flat.
  • How to Jo fold a hemp flat.
  • How to extend the length of an origami folded hemp flat to fit longer (origami hack).


  • How to put on the plain and winged hemp prefold.
  • How to put on the newborn snapped prefold.

Hemp fitteds: 

  • How to put on the newborn (Size 1) hemp fitted.
  • How to fold the inserts in the size 2 and 3 hemp fitted for nights for extra layers of absorption.
  • How to adjust the size of the snapped size 1 hemp fitted.


  • How to put on a Pokkelokkie PUL nappy cover.