Square pieces of hemp. Made from winter weight hemp jersey.

These squares are then folded into a nappy and fastened with a snappy .

They need a fleece cover.

Why are flats the ultimate nappy?

  • Extremely effective for all types of wetters including heavy wetters.
  • Folding is EASY! It takes a  under a minute to fold a flat. WATCH! 
  • WATCH how to put one on here.
  • Flats dry the fastest – Great for WINTER! Tumble dry on warm.
  • Budget friendly, durable and can be used as inserts and boosters later on. This means you fold them and pop them in the wetzone (the crotch area) inside other nappies to give you extra layers. They never go to waste! 
  • Great value for money.
  • Perfect NIGHT nappies.
  • Perfect for newborns- trim, snug and absorbent.

You cant go wrong with flats. They`re my favourite nappy. 

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Ages best used at: Newborn to potty training.


Made from winter weight hemp jersey.

The outer rectangle tabs are folded into the middle tab.The long tab is brought up between baby`s legs over the crotch and the wings are  brought around baby`s waist and then  fastened using the snappy. 

They need a fleece cover.

  • Plain prefolds do not have the wings. These are best for newborns.
  • Lots of layers for absorption!
  • Perfect NIGHT nappies.
  • An easy nappy to put on.
  • Can be boosted with hemp boosters for extra absorbency.
  • Prefolds are used as inserts/boosters once baby outgrows them so they never go to waste.
  • WATCH the video.

TIP: Winged prefolds : you can fold down the wings at the back if the prefold is initially too big which shortens the rise (the bit that comes up between baby`s legs) making the nappy smaller. See the video above.

Ages best used at: Newborn to potty training.


Fitted nappies have elastics in the legs and at the back. 

  • Easy nappies to put on especially at night or for a quick change.
  • Snapless means no snaps and use a snappy. The snappy also makes it  easily adjustable.
  • Excellent  NIGHT nappies. Lasts 12 hours with no leaks.
  • Watch the video  how to boost for a heavy wetter.

They need a fleece cover.

Ages best used at: 4/5 months - potty training.


ALL hemp cloth nappies need a cover.

Fleece covers :

  • Fleece repels moisture back into the nappy rather than onto clothes.
  • Fleece covers are easy to use and soft on baby`s bum.
  • Great for daytime around the house in summer,  nap time and nights! 
  • Fleece is the next most breathable fabric next to wool. These covers allow air to circulate.

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PUL waterproof  covers

  • Newborn size and OSFM (from 5kg up)
  • Day or night cover.
  • WATCH how to put one on.