Does cloth save money?


Let`s do the math:

Birth - 4 months = 10-12 disposables a day = R1000/month x 4 months = R4000. 

6 months - 2.5 years =5-6 disposables a day over 1.5 years = R9800

R9800 + R4000 

R13800 (minimum) is what you will spend in total in your child`s diaper life. Not to mention the money spent on bum cream to get rid of nasty nappy rash caused by the chemicals in the nappies themselves.

This is money thrown in the bin and fills landfills.

full set of hemp cloth nappies (26 flats and 5-6 covers) = R2500. These nappies will fit until 8/9kg and never go to waste as you will use these flats over and over again within other nappies as boosters or inserts (which just means you stuff other nappies with them later on for extra layers,which is what you need as baby gets older). These nappies can be reused for child number 2!

You will only need to upsize ONCE to large flats and some larger covers.

In total you will spend as little as R5000 from birth - potty training. That`s a saving of OVER R8500!

Pokkelokkie OFFERS PAYMENT PLANS for those who need it. Please just send me an email.

Flats are recommended as the most cost effective nappy on the South African Cloth Nappy Users website .


How many do I need?

To wash every 2 days you need minimum 26 nappies and about 4-5 covers. You can get away with less covers but not less nappies.

To wash every day you need 10 - 12 nappies and 2 - 3 covers.


Which nappies do I need?

Its best to try them all.

 It`s really about finding what works for you. 

One thing I can say though is flats are just AWESOME! For newborns all you need is flats and covers if you want to do it budget style :)



Can I buy one set for newborn to potty training? 

As baby grows you will need to size up. The great thing about  hemp flats and prefolds is they don`t go to waste as they are used over and over as inserts in other nappies as baby grows. Hemp is an investment.


Night cloth.

Cloth is great for night use! Its pretty much no different to the day other than you need to make sure you have enough absorption in the nappy to prevent leaking/dampness.This means using the right fold (origami works well ) and boosting with hemp inserts or trifolds to create lots of layers to absorb moisture.

Fleece liners can be used next to the skin which create a stay dry effect and prevent any rashes from wetness. This isn`t mandatory. Some babies react to wet nappies.


What do I use at night?

Light to medium wetters:

Heavy wetters: Some options :

  • Hemp fitteds are a favourite for the heaviest of wetters. Boost with a hemp flat padfolded in the wetzone.
  • A  prefold with a  flat padfolded in the wetzone works very well.
  • 2 hemp flats folded together as one in origami style and another hemp flat padfolded in the wetzone (crotch area) works well.
  • Origami folded flat (video here) boosted with a hemp fleece trifold.

How to tell if baby is light/ medium or heavy?  A heavy wetter is obvious. He outpees most nappies including disposables!

Will baby have a bigger bum?... probably. Does it matter? No!  It`ll be wrapped in natural fibers though and that`s what counts.


Caring for hemp nappies is easy. Check out the care instruction page for more info.