Do hemp cloth nappies need a cover?

Yes. All hemp nappies need a cover- we offer soft fleece covers or PUL covers. Both have their uses. I recommend having a mix of both.

The covers do not need washing after every change. They can be used a number of times.


How often do I change a hemp cloth nappy?

Newborns :

Daytime : every 2 - 2.5 hours.

Night times : when baby feeds (usually every 3 - 5 hours, baby depending).

3 months +:

Daytime: every 3  hours

Night time(once baby stops pooping at night): By now baby can wear one night nappy for 10 - 12 hours.


Is the whole nappy washed or do i just change inserts?

Yes. The entire nappy (flat or prefold or fitted) is stored in a nappy bucket until wash day.


How do I clean poop nappies ?

Your best bet at minimising poop dealings is to use fleece liners. These liners are washed with the rest of your nappies so last pretty much forever.

Poop then lands on the liner and is held over the toilet when you flush/spray. See pic below of a way to save water. A garden sprayer (filled with grey water) can be used to spray the liner/nappy off in the toilet to minimise flushing.

Which nappies do I need?


  • Hemp flats, hemp prefolds and fleece covers are the most budget friendly and they will fit a small baby perfectly.
  • Hemp fitteds are also great if your budget allows for it.
  • Change a newborn at least every 2 hours. If baby naps long, add a hemp booster. Please buy boosters. They come in handy and used until potty.
  • Newborns are changed in the night so NO night nappies are needed yet. Night nappies can be used when baby stops pooping at night.

3 months+:

  • Hemp flats and covers (fleece and /or PUL) for daytime. PUL covers can be used for outings. I like fleece for home/playtime and naps.
  • Boost a single flat with a 2 or 3 layer hemp booster for medium to heavier wetters. This is the trimmest and most effective leak free solution.
  • DAYCARE option: Stuff pocket nappies with hemp flats or padfold a hemp flat in a PUL cover. Easy for carers.
  • NIGHTS: Hemp fitteds or hemp flats and fleece covers.


How many do I need?

To wash every 2 days you need minimum of 30 nappies and about  8 covers. 

To wash every day you need  12 -14 nappies and  6 - 8  covers.


Can I buy one set for newborn to potty training? 

As baby grows you will need to size up. The great thing about  hemp flats and prefolds is they don`t go to waste as they are used over and over again as inserts in other nappies as baby grows. Hemp is an investment. You can get away with only doing 1 size up if you only use flats.


Does cloth save money?

YES! Let`s do the math:

Birth - 4 months = 10-12 disposables a day = R1000/month x 4 months = R4000. 

4 months - 2.5 years =5-6 disposables a day over 1.5 years = R13140

Total  birth - potty =R17 000 (minimum) is what you will spend in total in your child`s diaper life. Not to mention the money spent on bum cream to get rid of nasty nappy rash caused by the chemicals in the nappies themselves.

This is money thrown in the bin and fills landfills.

full set of hemp cloth nappies (28 flats and 6 covers) = R2460. These nappies will fit until 7kg and never go to waste as you will use these flats over and over again within other nappies as boosters or inserts (which just means you stuff other nappies with them later on for extra layers,which is what you need as baby gets older). These nappies can be reused for child number 2!

You will only need to upsize ONCE to large flats and some larger covers.

In total you will spend as little as R5000 from birth - potty training. That`s a saving of OVER R12000.

Pokkelokkie OFFERS PAYMENT PLANS for those who need it. Please just send me an email.

Flats are recommended as the most cost effective nappy on the South African Cloth Nappy Users website .

CARING for hemp nappies is easy. Check out the care instruction page for more info.